Friday, February 14, 2014

OTHER: "This was never about death."

Other (2012)
Director: Daniel DelPurgatorio
Seen via:
Runtime: 15 min

Daniel DelPurgatorio's Other is a blistering body-horror short about a doctor (David Steiger) stricken with cancer and left without any traditional options for a cure. He takes the matter into his own hands by subjecting himself to an experimental treatment that he's devised - a series of painful and harrowing sessions in a small machine he's cobbled together in his basement. As he becomes increasingly wracked with sores and scabs, he begins to question the success of his treatment and whether the unexpected side-effects suggest an alternate solution...

Other boasts impressively nasty special effects, most prominently in the doctor's disintegrating health. His equipment is pretty terrifying as well, particularly when it's in action. Sinister fluids pump through tubes, wires hum, and awful chunks of organic matter fall into a holding chamber. Adding to the atmosphere is the dark and grimy set and the great sound work. It's all incredibly effective in capturing the sense of dislocation and desperation accompanying a life-threatening illness.

Other is everything I want in a short film - intense, bloody, and really well constructed. It also has a particularly killer ending. It's currently free to watch via the film's website (, and is definitely worth checking out.

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