Thursday, March 28, 2013

LOT 66 Puts a New Spin on Home Invasion

Lot 66 (2010)
Director: Robert W. Filion
Seen via: Nevermore Film Fest
Length: 15 min

SC filmmaker Robert Filion has been a mainstay of Nevermore's short film lineup for past several years, and his work just keeps getting better. This year he showcased his short Lot 66, which although filmed several years ago was new to the fest.

Lot 66 focuses on a man named David (Michael Melendez) who's spending the night alone in his new home while his wife is away on business. During an otherwise mundane internet chat session, he receives a threatening message from a cryptic stranger. The username suggests the person behind it may be nearby - even as close as the vacant lot next door. Is this all a prank, or should David fear for his life?

Switching up the old "alone in the house" trope by replacing the typical female lead with a man was a great idea that undermines a lot of expectations about how the story will unfold. Melendez is a big, tough-looking guy and it'd be natural to assume that he's going to face his stalker head-on. It's not until we begin to learn about the mental issues he's facing that it becomes clear that mindgames will be the focus of this battle.

Lot 66 is a suspenseful, tightly shot short. Every film I've seen from Filion has shown that he's willing to put a creative spin on old horror plots, and this is no exception. It's not clear if or when Lot 66 (or any of Filion's work) will be widely available, but you can find out more at:

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