Thursday, March 7, 2013

Can We Keep Him, Dad?

We Will Call Him Bobby
(aka Le Llamaremos Bobby)
Director: Paco Cavero
Seen via: Nevermore Film Festival
Runtime: 13 min

A father and his adult son go on an annual fishing trip together to celebrate their birthday. How sweet. But the two can't stop bickering. Dad doesn't approve of the son's fiancée (she's divorced, gasp!), and thinks his son is sort of an asshole. Pretty much the only thing they can agree on is how Mom's going to screw up the cooking when they get home. So when they accidentally run over a wild beast on their drive back, it's just the icing on the cake. The last thing they need is another problem, but could this monster in fact be a solution? He's just so cute...

We Will Call Him Bobby is a clever little short from Spain. It appears to be director/writer Paco Cavero's first effort. This was another one of my favorites from this year's Nevermore Film Fest, where it picked up both the jury and audience awards for Best International Short. There's not a lot of information online about Cavero or this film, but the good news is that it's available to watch online. Check it out below.


  1. Hey! thank you very much for the post!
    I'm glad you liked my short film. I'm preparing one I hope to see in USA soon ...
    And if I save enough money, try going to present it right there ... ;)

    A hug!


    1. Hi, Paco - thanks for stopping by and commenting! I'm looking forward to your future work. Best of luck.