Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Argento-thon Miscellania

As I gather my thoughts on the ambitious trainwreck that is Argento's Phantom of the Opera, why not check out some other articles and reviews on Italian horror? Kevin Olson of Hugo Stiglitz Makes Movies is running an Italian Horror Blogathon, and in addition to his own reviews has compiled a great collection of links as well as a wonderfully comprehensive Italian horror primer. Check it out!

And if that's not enough, here's a recent interview with the Italian Maestro himself, conducted at Film 4's FrightFest earlier this year.

The best part has got to be when the interviewer mentions that David Gordon Green's proposed remake of Suspiria is supposedly going to try to be "more psychedelic" than the original - Dario just laughs. However you feel about his recent work, Argento himself remains as charming as ever.

For all those getting hit by the Frankenstorm, stay safe out there - it can be a vicious world.

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