Friday, August 17, 2012


I stopped by Food Lion a few Fridays ago, desperately needing to re-stock the wine cellar after a particular grueling week. While there, I happened to walk by the DVD rack and stopped (as I always do) to see what bargain-bin rejects they'd dug up to put on the shelves. Most of the time their offerings consist of blockbusters from years past and family 10-packs crammed with TV movies involving dogs or horses. Once in a while there are some decent horror multi-packs though, so taking the time to scan the shelves can sometimes be worth it.

After skimming over the usual fare, I found this lurking at the top of the rack:

No. Way. The Reflecting Skin is a weird little arthouse gem that somehow never made it onto DVD, despite being something of a minor cult classic. For five bucks, this seemed worth every penny.

Unfortunately, this article has to serve more as a warning than a call for rejoice, as whoever was responsible for overseeing this release has done this film a grave disservice. First, it's a full-screen pan & scan transfer. Second (if #1 didn't give it away), it's ripped from an old VHS source. The picture quality is simply awful. Special features? Nothing.

Still, owning a shitty release of this film (especially for five bucks) is better than not having the chance to see it at all. I'm tempted to just recommend snatching a VHS copy online, since the picture quality might even exceed that of this transfer. But if you're grocery shopping and see this lying around, it might be worth the convenience. It'd just be nice if this film got the respect it deserved.

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