Monday, August 13, 2012

Her Weapon is Her Body...

Ginger (1971)
Director: Don Schain
Seen via: Monterey Video DVD (R1)
Rating: 3/10

What tries to sell itself as a spy thriller turns out to be a microbudget sexploitation flick. Surprise! Cheri Caffaro plays Ginger, a rich girl who hooks up with the local police force to take down a prostitution/drug ring. Caffaro is really a mystery to me - far too gaunt and sun-bleached by just about anyone's standards. She also has a weird aloofness that's just sort of ... well ... off-putting. There's a scene early on when she's seducing a man as part of a bar game and watching her cycle through grimace after grimace trying to make a "sexy face" was sort of absurd.

Do you like watching ugly people having sex? Really? Well, you'll love this movie. They're the kind of artless, passionless sex scenes where one person just sort of lays on the other for a while - more unsettling than erotic. Other than the unappealing nudity, there's a certain degree of trashy fun in this film, and the nearly nonexistent plot is obscured by stuff like girl-girl fights and genital torture. That is, when it's not pale lumpy people doing the nasty. There's also really bad lighting, community-theater quality acting, and dialogue that's often weirdly punctuated by silence.

It's worth a look if you need to satisfy some morbid curiosity, or if you think you'd like watching Caffaro for about 100 minutes. Otherwise, skip it.

[Can anyone comment on the sequels? They seem to look more promising, but I'm a little hesitant after this one.]

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