Monday, February 6, 2012

Nevermore Flashback: Darkman (1990)

With Nevermore 2012 just weeks away, I've decided to post some reviews of films that I saw there last year. These will include a mix that range from low-budget features, revivals, and short films to some films which have since gotten wider releases. These reviews were originally posted on my personal blog (which no longer exists). I'll be posting reviews and info from this year's fest later on in February. In the meantime, enjoy!

Since the turn of the century it seems like we’ve been doomed to have only watered-down Sam Raimi features (with Drag Me to Hell as the arguable exception) - faint echoes of the dark slapstick-filled B-movies that he’s typically known for. Darkman is distilled Raimi from the early era though, and is a more pure superhero counterpart to his enjoyable but increasingly disappointing Spiderman trilogy.

Darkman (Liam Neeson) is Raimi’s own superhero creation, and is equal parts The Shadow and The Phantom of the Opera. He’s a former scientist who’s been disfigured after a bunch of gangsters dip his face in some acid and an explosion blows him through the roof of his lab. You see, his girlfriend works for a construction magnate who’s making some shady deals, and Darkman just happened to have some implicating evidence in his lab… Whatever - what’s really important is that this is a revenge story, and once he realizes that his pain receptors have been disconnected, he’s granted super strength via adrenaline rushes when he’s angry, and he’s able to make synthetic molds of other people’s faces to hide his own disfigurement, he starts taking the bad guys out one by one.

I didn’t expect to like this one as much as I did. This has all the humor and over-the-top action that you could want in a Raimi film. Take the fucking elephant!

8/10 = Definitely worth your time

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