Wednesday, January 18, 2012

CAPSULE REVIEW: From Beyond (1986)

From Beyond is just a blast - Stuart Gordon, riding high after the release of the classic Reanimator, jumped straight into another Lovecraft adaptation in the 80's. The result is this ultra-dimensional body horror mutation. The film doesn't take much from Lovecraft's original story - the opening act is essentially the short piece in a nutshell. But from there, he does extrapolate upon it and bases the events on what might happen if the ill-fated Dr. Pretorius returned as a horribly transformed extra-dimensional entity. Jeffrey Combs, famous among genre fans for his role as Herbert West in Reanimator, reprises his role as a slightly unhinged grad student. This time, he's been left haunted by visions when Pretorius vanished after an attempt to run an experiment to stimulate the human pineal gland. His attempt to re-create the experiment to free himself from murder charges goes awry, and the result is body horror chaos. Pink and purple goo-covered corporeal transformations are everywhere, all lovingly rendered with the finest  practical effects. What more could you ask for?

7.5 / 10 = See it

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